20 Foods For Weight Loss Diet Recipe

This is a list which is divided into two; the 12 foods that should be considered for prescription weight loss diet and that are healthy for you and 8 foods to avoid:

First twelve slimming foods:

Water: perhaps not a food but clean, fresh and delicious and refreshing cold. Green tea or water with anti-oxidants and a little spice is good for you.
Fruits: The more organic or natural are better, and if possible avoid soft fruits like strawberries that the vast majority are contaminated by absorption of pesticides.
Vegetables: Always be good at any time for you and your weight loss diet recipe, in any or all food and time to diet or do not diet to lose weight.
Yogurt: Essential for your digestion.
Eggs: The whole egg or cooked for you.
Almonds: Consumed in moderation, nuts are rich in nutrients and calories. There is testimony of people who are consuming these have fallen fairly well.
Salads: Eat green leafy vegetables and rich, if you like to accompany any food to accompany it. Performs any combination of vegetables and fruits in your salad recipes in your weight loss diets also tend to be very healthy for your body.
Basil: A food that can combine with almost any menu diet recipes for weight loss.
Avocado: Very important in providing nutrients, many people suddenly love many like you do not like. Some tastes there are trouble.
Chocolate: As pure and natural as possible to eat a chocolate bar. Remember that everything does not hurt moderately, and chocolate is no exception.
The most important food and last of this list of slimming foods should consider is your favorite food that can actually help you lose weight, this meal to be a slimming food is food to fill you in body and soul.

Last 8 foods you should avoid in moderation:

All candy: No specific brand to avoid eating because all are made in the same way and do as much damage to your body.
Chocolate: Although the list of those who do should eat, remember that everything in excess is bad and so here likewise added. So please do not eat much chocolate, drink in moderation.
Any type of pie: the high content of sugar and flour is not very healthy for you.
French fries: Treat like other foods have much wisdom in their consumption.
Cream of these foods 100% or 0% fat light: These foods are chemically altered so that its composition is also healthier for you than one in a natural state.
The white starchy foods try to avoid, such as rice, potatoes, bread and pasta. Remember to avoid is consumed with much wisdom and moderation.
Soft drinks: Whether soft drinks, sodas, colas avoid them, because their high sugar content does not fall very well. Think you are eating something sweet.
This is a great list so you can just have an account in your daily diet or your weight loss diet recipe. However, remember that there are many foods you could eat in a healthy way without getting hurt and that perhaps the myths of the street you ban them for being hazardous to your health and weight. Remember that there is nothing better than eating what I like but in a healthy and that’s what the food program weight loss recipes weight loss or available for your food in your daily life.

I have never stopped eating pizza, hamburgers, fried chicken and no food so on alleged harm. I only tried to eat as slimming meals program I recommended to prepare the recipes in my weight loss diets.

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