Diabetic diet food

Diabetic diet food has became widely consumed nowadays. The awareness of the need of healthy life has encouraged many peoples to adapt a new way of food consumption. What is Diabetes? Diabetes is a disorder condition whereas such is affect our body system in using food for its energy. In the normal situation, the sugar we had consumed is digested and processed into a simple sugar which is known as glucose. This glucose shall circulates in our blood where it waits to enter and used as fuel/energy. In other case, there is a hormone produced by the pancreas which is called Insulin, which is help move the glucose into cells.

The function of the healthy pancreas is to adjusts the amount of insulin based on  the level of the glucose. The only problem is that if we have diabetes, such disease shall breaks down the process, and the consequences is that the blood sugar levels became to high. This symptom happen either because the body does not produce enough insulin or because the cells donot respond to the insulin that is produced, but the essence is that it caused high level of sugar in our blood.In the upcoming effect, this high blood sugar develop on others symptoms such as polyuria (frequent urination), polydipsia(increased thirst) and last but not leat in caused polyphagia(increased hunger). In order to prevent Such symptom happen in our body organ system, it is introduced healthy life which is promote diabetic diet food as the weapon against diabetes.

There for in order to apply diabetic diet food in our life, eating right is a key to preventing and controlling diabetes, if we still in the good health condition then it is wise to design a prevention plan. One of it by  eating Diabetic diet food. But by doing so still it doesn’t mean that we are forbidden to consume your favourite food and take pleasure from our meals, either  if you trying to reduce your risk of diabetes or manage a pre-existing problem.

There is a wrong assumption among diabetic patient, they think that if they suffering from diabetic, means they cannot consume their favourite food. It is wrong, although we suffering from diabetic, our nutritional needs are the same as everyone else, it is not necessarily means that we cannot eat special foods or we are required to undergo a series of complicated diets. The problem is lies on the way we eat, if the way we eat are less than healthy, it is necessarily for us to learn better eating habits.

The essential key for  a diabetic diet is by eating in moderation, always sticking tp the regular mealtimes and eating a variety of fruits, vegetables, and lots of grains. Those foods above are always became a spearhead for the diabetic patients in eradicate the disease.

In apply diabetic diet food we must know the key in implementing it. The bottom line in doing such diet, is that we must have more control over our health than we think. That is, by eating a healthy diet, keeping our weight in check and always exercise. In general we must know 3 what, that is what you eat, when you eat and how much you eat.

When we say what you eat, it means we must eat mostly plants foods, cut back on refined carbs and sugary drinks, and last but not least we must choose healthy fats instead of unhealthy fats. When we eat, it means by keeping regular meal and snack times which is affect our sugar levels and made it more stabilize. How much we eat,  means Portion sizes does matter. Although we eat healthy foods, bt of we eat too much means we will gain weight, which is a factor that contribute to diabetes.

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