Anti-obesity actions of Raspberry ketones

Weight Loss Used to be Difficult!

Most of us spend a lifetime visiting the gym and shaking ourselves inside-out in an effort to lose weight. The sad fact is that you have to follow the routine for the rest of your life with weight loss and dieting regimes to make sure that the weight stays off. In fact, some people seem to be dieting and exercising perpetually in an endless cycles of weight loss, weight gain and weight maintenance. It’s boring and people with low will power inevitably fall off the diet bandwagon completely; resulting in weight gain, poor self esteem and the same cycle starting up all over again.

What if’s…

What if you poke and prod your body along to burn up fat even when you were not exercising?

Was it possible to actually encourage the body to pull out fat reserves from your face, underarms, tummy, buttocks and hips and burn it with a simple diet supplement?

Yes, with the help of raspberry ketones, you can make sure that you lose weight even when you are not currently exercising.

How did raspberry ketones actually become popular?

Raspberry ketones are fragrant compounds that are naturally distilled from raspberries. A single kg of raspberries produces about 3-4mg of the ketones which are commonly used in the food and cosmetic industry. In the last few years, the powdered extract has garnered considerable interest as a weight loss supplement. Dr Oz first promoted the product on his show when he stated that raspberry ketones were safe and a healthy way to encourage fat breakdown in the body. This resulted in such tremendous interest that thousands of TV viewers immediately emptied store shelves of the supplement. ABC News and Canadian New channels reported that consumers actually swept stores clean of the supplement due to its supposed weight loss benefits.

Raspberry Ketone

Raspberry ketones are supposed to work on a very simple mechanism of weight loss. The supplement was so interesting that a few research studies were set up to investigate the effect of the powdered supplement. They are as follows-

Park KS published a research paper in Planta Med. 2010 Oct; 76(15):1654-8. Epub 2010 Apr 27 called as “Raspberry ketone increases both lipolysis and fatty acid oxidation in 3T3-L1 adipocytes.” This research paper stated two very important findings. One finding was that the 10 µM of raspberry ketones increased lipolysis or fat breakdown in the body. Another finding showed that the supplement caused increased secretion of adiponectin which was a hormone primarily made by adipose cells. The primary action of adiponectin was to increase the breakdown of fat. It also suppressed or prevented the body from storing fat in the form of fat deposits anywhere in the body. The study conclusively proved that raspberry ketones could be used as an herbal medicine to encourage fat breakdown.

Morimoto C and company carried out another research study published in Life Sci. 2005 May 27; 77(2):194-204. Epub 2005 Feb 25 called the “Anti-obese action of raspberry ketone.” The study stated that raspberry ketones were similar to capsaicin and synephrine in structure and this could be the reason why they exerted an anti-obese action. Mice fed a high-fat diet were also fed a concomitant amount of raspberry ketones. The rats actually showed weight loss along with an excessive secretion of norepinephrine which stimulated the body muscles to work harder and burn fat. This norepinephrine-induced lipolysis also seemed to heal a pathological fatty liver and alter the lipid metabolism inside the rat bodies.

Although these studies are still in their nascent stages, it’s only fair to notice that raspberry ketones encourage weight loss and are completely safe. Manufacturers recommend a daily intake of about 10mg per day to have the best effects but we do suggest you combine it with an effective workout regimen to lose as much weight as possible as quickly as possible.

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