Banana Diet

Banana Diet

Banana Diet is perfect for those who suffer from the problems of the gastrointestinal tract.

Use of this diet eliminates puffiness. Bananas are very helpful in: gastritis, obesity, hypertensive disease, poor circulation, liver and kidney disease. Banana – a great source of fiber, beneficial vitamins and minerals. Able to maintain normal cholesterol levels.

The course is designed banana diet for three to four days. During this time, burned three to four kilograms of excess weight. For the whole day you can eat only three bananas and drink three glasses of milk, a small fraction of fat. Number of products is divided into five or six meals. You can mix these products together, creating a cocktail or yogurt. You can in addition to use as drink green tea or water. Sugar categorically excluded! If milk causes negative emotions, you can replace it easily low-fat yogurt.

If the amount of food is not enough, there is dizziness, nausea, drowsiness or any other symptoms, you can use to increase the number of bananas up to two kilograms. You can use them at any time. As for drinks, then use only green tea and water in almost any quantity. You can turn on the fifth day, two boiled eggs.

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