Benefits of regular physical activity

By exercise, it means to move in a way that makes your muscles work and also requires to burn your calories. Exercising regularly is the best way you can repay your body for providing you with support, digesting your food and performing all the bodily functions properly.Physical exercise does not just strengthen your muscles or help you in shedding some pounds, but, it also improves your skin, your sleeping patterns, digestion, your mental health, improves any type of disease you are going through, etc. The benefits of exercising on a daily basis are infinite but a few of them are mentioned below.

  1. It controls your weight:
    Inactivity has been found as the major cause for gaining weight and obesity. Even if you workout for fifteen minutes a day, it can do wonders for your weight. Regular workout mixed with a healthy diet is all you need for losing and maintaining your weight. The more intense your workout is, the more you will burn calories and lose weight. Regular exercise prevents you from gaining excess weight and if you continuously gain and burn the same amount of calories, each day, then it will maintain your weight without shedding any pounds or gaining. This will just strengthen your muscles and make your body look a lot more toned.
  2. Fast recovery:
    If you are dealing with any sort of illness, disease or even a bruise, you will notice that with regular exercise you will recover a lot faster. According to a research in 2013, it was found that people who were suffering from illness and various diseases, recovered a lot faster due to regular exercise than through medicines.Im sure, medicines benefit in improving health, but regular exercise boosts that recovery process altogether. Now, regular exercise does not necessarily mean that you have to lift weights daily or go to the gym on a daily basis. You can even choose to workout at home. You can do light yoga ,aerobics or cardio workouts. Climbing up and down the stairs, running errands and doing household chores also counts as exercise.
  3. It combats various diseases and sicknesses:
    Regular exercise is known for preventing various diseases and also prevents you from getting ill. Studies have shown that people who workout on a daily basis fall ill less as compared to people who do not workout at all. There is no such medicine that can be fed to cure all diseases but if there were, then it would be exercise. It does not matter what your current weight is, if you workout on a regular basis, then you will able to combat heart diseases, you will be able to maintain good cholesterol levels, it will also boost your high-density lipoprotein (HDL) , and also decreases unhealthy triglycerides in your body which helps your blood run smoothly and decreases any chances of cardiovascular diseases. Regular exercise also helps in preventing various types of cancers, arthritis, 2 type diabetes, and various other illnesses. It improves your mood and mental health:
    Exercising on a regular basis, has the power to boost your mood and cure anxiety and depression. You might have noticed, that whenever you have searched for ‘how to be happy’ online, exercise and physical activity always tops the list.If you are in a bad mood or if you want to blow off some steam, then instead to sulking, get inside the gym , you will notice that working out will boost your mood. According to a research by a Penn State University, people who involved moderate or vigorous physical activity in their lives had more pleasant feelings than others who did not exercise at all. It has also been noted that the people who did workout but took breaks on certain days, felt a little less happy and energetic on the days they skipped working out. An experiment was also carried out by using a smartphone app, where its users were asked to log in their mood and energy levels, at the end of the experiment, it was concluded that people were in a better mood post workout. Exercise releases various endorphins and brain chemicals that instantly make you feel more relaxed and a lot more happier than before. After a workout session, you may also find yourself feeling a lot more better and confident in your appearance, and it will boost your self esteem as well. You also end up making new friends at the gym which makes you feel better about yourself and your life in general.Since human beings are social animals, making new friends means a great deal to most of us.When you workout, you feel like there is at least one thing that you are doing right, and there is at least one thing in your control and that feeling will end up making you feel a thousand times better about yourself. You will feel like a champion after each workout session.
  4. It boosts your energy levels:
    Studies have shown that people who exercise on a regular basis, tend to be a lot more energetic than those who do not. Exercise helps in delivering oxygen and nutrients to your tissues which help your heart and lungs perform their functions more efficiently and when these cardiovascular organs are able to perform efficiently, they boost your energy levels. It has been found, that moderate exercise, which equals to leisurely stroll in the park, results in a drop in your fatigue levels and boosts your energy levels up to twenty percent.
  5. It builds muscles and increases strength:
    Exercise plays a major role in building your muscles and increasing your strength.When you exercise regularly, your body starts to gain strength, flexibility. You will notice that the things you do with ease were the things that you were not able to do a month before, like for example, you could not do a hundred pushups a month ago and now you can do them with ease and without breaking a sweat. Exercising regularly also tones and builds your muscles, depending upon the exercises that you do. If you lift weights and intake proteins, then your body will stimulate muscle building. This is due to the fact that working out releases certain endorphins which promote your muscle’s ability to absorb amino acids which are responsible for their growth and preventing their breakdowns. People tend to lose muscle with old age, but if you work out on a daily basis then it will slow your muscle loss and it will also help you maintain strength even in old age.
  6. It sports nutrition:
    When you workout on a regular basis, you will a huge improvement in your diet and nutrition. Nutrition plays a huge role in our lives, everything depends on our nutrition levels, from our energy to our digestion. Nutrition is very important.
  7. It improves your sleeping pattern:
    If you suffer with insomnia or find putting your body to sleep. If you find yourself tossing and turning around each night instead of dreaming, then you should add regular exercise in your routine. Exercising on a regular basis, strengthens your circadian rhythms, which helps you keep yourself more bright-eyed during the day so you can sleep during the night. It also tires your body down, so you do not feel restless or get energy boosts when it is time for you to sleep.

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