Tomato Juice

Effective Diet for Tomato Juice

For diet tomato juice is a unique source of vitamins, minerals and biologically active substances. With its high nutritional valu e, it is able to quickly satisfy hunger but it contains a minimal amount of calories.

It is actively used in weight loss diets and nutritional diabetics. A diet based on it does not require a grueling non-food is varied and delicious. It is possible to lose about 5-6 pounds.

The only basic condition diet with tomato juice is the mandatory inclusion of protein sources in the menu. The juice should be taken with the natural, the best option would be his independent production, because in this way you will be sure it’s composition.

Duration of tomato diet for 14 days and about the menu for this time period is as follows.

Breakfast: Fresh fruit, a sandwich with rye toast and low-fat cottage cheese, a glass of tomato juice (250 g.).

Lunch: 100-150 gr. low-fat varieties of boiled fish, baked apple, a glass of tomato juice. An alternative to fish can be boiled for a couple of Fig. Salad of fresh cucumbers.

Dinner: To choose from: two small boiled potatoes and chicken breast or piece of boiled rice with beef patty and large glass of tomato juice.

During the use of this diet the body’s metabolism is much faster, the withdrawal of excess fluid and improves the function of the heart and blood vessels.

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