Healthy Food

Healthy Food: Bases of Proper Nutrition

Proper nutrition 

High security and immunity guarantee of good health. It determines the correct course and
speed of metabolic processes in the body, the full assimilation of nutrients and trace elements and stable operation of the bod y. Proper nutrition includes taking meals at certain hours and constant. At the same meal, on a set of chemical elements and the number of calories contained in it, is distributed throughout the day. Must take into account the number and range of food taken in the course. Nutritionists recommend that healthy and physically mature people to eat three or four times a day. In diseases caused by a violation of the digestive
system, it is recommended five-, six-time meals. Most experts on nutrition as the most healthy diet – a four-time, allowing the body to absorb nutrients, vitamins and trace elements in the best possible way.

Hours of food

For proper organization of health food products are distributed by the hour reception, depending on their composition and calorie content. Products such as fish, meat and beans, contain large amounts of protein, it is recommended to use for breakfast and lunch. It is best to start any meal with a salad and vegetables. In this case the activity of the stomach is activated, and increased secretion of gastric juice, which is conducive to the process of digestion and assimilation of nutrients. Foods that contain lots of protein, hot spices, coffee and tea should not eat before bedtime, since they increase the excitability of the central nervous system, leading to sleep disturbances. At night it is best to eat is not overloading the digestive system of vegetables, fruits and dairy products. Lack of food, like eating, just worsens sleep. Food should be chewed thoroughly, so that it is well absorbed. For a correct and healthy diet should exclude reading books, watching TV, talking during a meal. Food intake should be maintained on a schedule, keeping it and not breaking. Proper and regular meals will help prevent diseases of the digestive system, stimulates the immune system and will not lead to accumulation of excess body fat.

Quality products and a healthy diet

One of the foundations of a healthy diet is the quality of the products in the food. Food should be fresh, as during long-term storage of dietary quality much worse. Cooked food is best eaten immediately, leaving no storage for the long term. The basis of a healthy diet is also a variety and balance. The number of biologically active and useful substances entering the body, depends on the variety of products included in the diet. Must be present in the daily diet of raw fruits and vegetables, as they speed up metabolism, beneficial effects on the body of people prone to depression, having overweight.
Increase the use of plant foods is especially needed during the spring – summer season. Foods high in fats and proteins, it is best to add the menu in the winter and fall.

Proper nutrition of children

Healthy eating school at the age of six – twelve years lays the foundation of life habits. Therefore, parents need to demonstrate examples of healthy eating, which are critical at this age. Nutrition can lead to diseases such as bulimia, anorexia. The key to weight control is to allow to eat when the child feels a sense of hunger, and did not make him eat when he is hungry.

It is necessary to teach a child the child that a healthy diet with proper nutrition – a healthy life.

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