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Lose Weight With Coffee and Black Tea

It is known that this refreshing drink is not only tones but also helps with weight loss. In coffee there is substance, like caffeine which is a few hours eliminates hunger and metabolism.

Nutritionists advise drinking flavored drink in the interval from 12 to 17 hours, and only freshly brewed. Coffee without sugar and cream is ridiculous content of calories – about five per cup. But, do not replace your breakfast or dinner coffee, as would damage the stomach.

Slimming perfect roasted green coffee, which is reminiscent of green tea. This coffee breaks down fats and block your appetite. The oil of green coffee perfectly combats cellulite and rejuvenates the skin.
In general, in very active use of cosmetics coffee for the wraps, as a scrub and peel. Online pharmacies can buy a special diet for weight loss coffee, which removes toxins and the sensation of hunger  and converts fat into energy. Do not buy these drinks if they contain sugar or milk powder. The rate on the date of coffee – about three cups. If you provoke abuse and kidney disease of the joints and headaches.

Diet drink small sips of coffee, but do not gulp. In using it, we recommend a healthy diet and of course, exercising. In salt-free diet do not drink coffee, as the disturbed potassium-sodium exchange and swelling occur.

Nutrition and Diet with Black Tea

The benefits of black tea to our health is undeniable and confirmed by years of research scientists and traditional healers.

Black tea is more familiar to us than the green, though not all know that both of these species originate from the same plant. The only difference from each other in the way of treatment.

Black tea is perfect invigorates and helps fight stress and depression by blocking the hormone cortisol, which causes depression and mood disorders.

The composition of black tea, in principle, similar to that of the green, because it contains the same vitamins (B, C, F). The dark drink is rich and micronutrients (iron, potassium, manganese, zinc) and boasts the presence of nicotine and ascorbic acid.

Black tea is able to energize for a few hours, in addition, it stimulates the memory and improves the speed of reaction. This magic fluid is a good effect on the respiratory system, strengthens blood vessels and helps maintain youthful body. Besides all this, black tea fights toxins and care about improving immunity.

Black tea can reduce the risk of cancer, but its action in this regard will not be as effective than green tea. But what this dark beverage copes admirably simple, it is a harmful bacteria that develop in the gastrointestinal tract.

It has long been known that black tea in reasonable quantities is useful to men, it increases the potency, promotes the formation of sperm and has beneficial effects on the prostate, as well as pregnant women. Caffeine, which is contained in large amounts in black tea, is involved in the formation of serotonin, called the “hormone of happiness”, and insulin. This supports the healing drink to the normal body weight, regulates the cardiovascular system and prevents the development of cataracts (clouding of the lens) – common eye diseases.

However, all is a measure, therefore, despite its unique restorative and curative properties, can not drink black tea in large quantities (more than 3 cups a day), because it contains a lot of zinc, while its excess can cause irreparable harm to health. You should not drink tea at night, as it has an invigorating and diuretic. Bad influences on the body and the excess of serotonin (may have nausea, dizziness, fever). And in any case, do not drink black tea pills, which tannins contained in the drink, may enter into an unpredictable reaction.

And, people suffering from cardiovascular diseases: hypertension, cardiac arrhythmias, as well as varicose veins and glaucoma is generally abandon the use of black tea.


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