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Take the Right Dose for the Best Success with Raspberry Ketones

Take the Right Dose for the Best Success with Raspberry Ketones

If you really want success with this popular dietary supplement you must take the proper raspberry ketone dosage. Some people who elect to take supplements to lose weight seem to think they can continue to eat excessive amounts of food and still lose weight without any effort. This thinking process, or lack thereof, could not be farther from the truth. As with any dietary supplement the most effectiveness will come with good habits and proper dosage.

What do Raspberry Ketones actually do, anyway?

In laboratory studies using rodents as testing subjects or test tube cells, scientists found that the ketones within the raspberries increased lipid metabolism in rodents or test tube cells. This has not been tested in human subjects, but apparently it does seem to work for humans, too. Hopefully, testing will eventually be done on humans to establish this as fact someday rather than mere hope.

The supplements are said to increase the core temperature of the body, thus causing the body to burn more fat than usual. That is in in a nutshell. As the body temperature increases the fat burns, to be even more succinct.

In the media, on talk shows and in various articles, people who have used Raspberry Supplements have noted that they lose weight faster with 100 mg per day. But, this weight loss does come with a caveat: The successful cases also used a reduced calorie diet and increased activity along with the supplements to lose about 3 pounds per week.

What is the proper dosage?

Those who wish to take Raspberry Ketones to lose weight should take only 200 mg per day about 30 minutes before breakfast. Too much may cause increase blood pressure and affect any current respiratory conditions such as Asthma and COPD. In fact, if you have these or other respiratory conditions or you are taking blood pressure medications or anti-depressants you should talk to your doctor before adding this supplement to your daily regimen.

You may think that if 200 mg works then 300 mg will work faster, but this is not necessarily true. The body can only use so much of any chemical compound. The excess that it cannot use will simply be passed from the body in the urine. For the most success simply stick to the recommended dosage and create a healthier lifestyle as you work toward your goals.

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